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4 Things to Keep In Mind Before Getting a Nose Job


A rhinoplasty or a nose job is a surgery that aims at reshaping your nose. The nose is one of the most sensitive parts of your body mainly because it is on display constantly. In addition, human noses are of different sizes and shapes, for instance, you may have a wide, big, small, or long nose. You may as well have a large nose tip, a nasal hump, a depressed nose, a nasal tip projection, a crooked nose, or an irregular nasal tip. For these reasons, if you don’t like how your nose looks like then you can do something about it. Such motivation is likely going to make you have a plastic surgeon such as reshape your nose.

Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon

Choosing the right plastic surgeon when it comes to a rhinoplasty is very important. This is mainly because of the nose determines your appearance. Rhinoplasty happens to be a very uncompromising process hence you are supposed to put a lot of effort in looking for the best surgeon ever. Keep in mind that a rhinoplasty is one of the most repeated surgeries mainly because of poor results.

What to look for when choosing a Plastic Surgeon

At the very minimum, choose one with appropriate credentials for general or facial plastic surgery. Such a surgeon has passed the minimum standard that involves a training record as well as a demanding oral and written process of examination. However, this means that he/she is trained to perform a surgery, not that that the surgeon is good at doing a rhinoplasty hence you have to dig deeper.

Experience is the key. The best rhinoplasty surgeon is one quite experienced in it. You can find a good surgeon at or a similar website. Such a surgeon has to be very passionate about the process and about your hopes as well as aspirations. He/she should be able to hear you out and understand your wishes, give you true information on what will be possible and what won’t be. The surgeon should be quite open about possible negatives and show you various examples of long-term outcomes, which demonstrate lasting positive outcomes. However, all these are better than a beginner is.

Other things to consider include:

· Proximity- it is important to choose a surgeon whom you live closer to. This is because of rhinoplasty’s healing process. Mostly, the nose will appear excellent after a surgery. However, with time problems may arise. If the surgeon is not seeing you time after time, then he/she will not see the problems arise.

· Availability- the best surgeons have limited time since patient’s line up to see them. Ensure that a surgeon you have chosen has a spot open to see you. You can visit to find a plastic surgeon near you.

· Affordability- the cost is important to consider not forgetting that insurance may not cover your cosmetic surgery. The surgeon you choose should provide you with a payment plan to help you meet the costs.


Any surgeon, however, good can have complications. A poor outcome may arise; on the other hand, continuous poor outcomes should raise suspicions. Keep this in mind when checking the state medical board for judgements and other board actions against doctors. Web sites, which rate surgeons, might help but malicious people may fill them with negative ratings. Other doctors may even post excellent reports about themselves. Be careful what you read.

Keep in mind that these are just our friendly suggestions. Consult your doctor for medical advice.